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Hey there! So I know summer was a long time ago, but since this blog didn't exist back then, I decided to upload a post on it now! 

During the summer, I was lucky enough to travel to the BEAUTiful Greek island, Kefalonia. The island was truly so pretty, it was like living in a postcard for 10 days! During this time, I stayed in a lovely hotel near Scala where the back of the hotel opened up to the beach/cove and we were able to snorkel and scuba dive. (Picture of the cove below) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures underwater but I wish I could show you guys... It was quite creepy!! There were chains, anchors and creepy rocks that looked like faces... although that could've been my overactive imagination :')
It was really cool to experience swimming in the open water, I'd definitely recommend it... (I kinda felt like Fleur from Harry Potter haha!) It was also nice looking at and swimming with the little fishes although I was a bit worried they'd nibble on my toes :') 
I was able to go on various cruises around and off the island, visiting interesting and pretty places such as Zante, Myrtos beach, the Melisani cave, a shipwreck, and the place where Captain Corelli was filmed! Below are some pictures from my time in Greece.

Abandoned Ship  

Shipwreck on the Navagio Beach 



A little village in Greece (Fiskardo) where we bumped into Chloe Green and Philip Green!!! Any Made in Chelsea/Topshop fans out there? 🙋🏻 I didn't manage to get a picture with them as they seemed like they were in a rush, but it was cool seeing the owner of Topshop in real life! 

Three boats 

A random wood sculpture I saw... The original colours were beige and brown, but I altered it to make it look more abstract. 

Overall, this has to be one of my favourite holidays, I'd love to come back again and visit the rest of Greece! 


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