Top 5 Lipsticks, Balms and Lip glosses

October 23, 2015 Lauren 0 Comments

I'm really excited to share my top 5 Lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses as I loveee experimenting with new colours, so in no particular order.... 

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate in shade 107 
This lipstick has a lovely deep berry red colour, perfect for parties or special occasions. You can change the intensity of the red by layering the colour for a deeper hue, or by dabbing a small amount on your lips and blotting for a stained effect which is great for everyday wear.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 36 
This colour is a fun, bold shade of pink. I couldn't exclude this lipstick from my top five as the colour is awesome (and it smells so good, kinda like raspberries)!! It'll definitely make your lips pop and brighten up any outfit!

3. Bourjois Rouge Edition Matte Finish Velvet Lipstick in shade 07 Nude-ist 
A bold, matte lipstick which I loveeee! It is a matte liquid lipstick and feels very light on the lips; I hardly notice when I've got it on, and it stays put for a long time without the need to reapply. Lots of people comment on the "weird chemical smell" but weirdly, I quite like it! It's kind of like a chemical version of berries... I don't even know how to describe it :')... Although it can be a bit tricky to apply neatly, I think the end result looks awesome! 

4. Rimmel Oh My Gloss! In shade 130 Purrr... Glossy Cat
This is a great lipgloss for everyday wear. It has a subtle pink almost nude colour, with a lovely sheen to it. I find that it applies really nicely and doesn't feel as sticky as most lip glosses tend to. Though it claims to stay on for 6 hours, I find that I need to reapply every couple hours or so. It's made with Argan oil and Vitamin E, which is great for moisturising and keeping your lips soft! 

5. Rimmel London Lasting Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm in shade 700 Not an Illusion 
This may be one of my FAVOURITES as I wear it pretty much everyday. I've found it so hard to find a good lip balm/crayon/whatever that doesn't dry up my lips, but this is amazing. Not only does this product give you a really lovely pink colour, it also feels like butter! But not actual butter because that would just feel horrible and greasy.... 
The only problem is that the colour tends to fade after a couple of hours so you'd need to reapply frequently. I also like to mix different colours together and usually use this lip balm right at the end because it makes my lips feel moisturised. Finally, this smells really good... I think it smells like white chocolate...?? I can't put my finger on it! Comment below if you have this product or know what it smells like because it's really bugging me!! :') 
This is the second time I've bought this lip balm as I've used up my first one. I'd DEFINITELY recommend it as it's really affordable, versatile, and easy to wear. 

Lipsticks, Lip balms and Lip glosses numbers 1-5 respectively (below)

I didn't realise that the majority of these were Rimmel, but their products are so affordable and are sometimes better than the more expensive brands. Feel free to comment below, I hope this helped or inspired you in any way!


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